Rural Press News
New face on the auction room floor - 25/06/17
A FRESH female face has joined predominantly older male buyers in the auction room at the Western Wool Centre (WWC). Read On
Buyers rush to fill orders before break - 25/06/17
Wool supplies have slowed to a trickle and buyers are scrambling to fill international orders in WA before the annual July market recess. Read On
Merino wool price run grinds to a halt - 11/06/17
Fine Merino wool’s epic run in the Australian wool market has come to abrupt halt, as sheepmeat prices continue to rally in record territory. Read On
China hungry for steak cooking advice - 27/06/17
The growing affluence of middle class China is fuelling a shift in the way beef is consumed, away from the stir fry and hot pot towards Western-style steak. Read On
The new game changer for beef breeders - 12/06/17
Supercharged evaluations of how an animal will breed, courtesy of frontier DNA technologies, are paving the way for a radical speed-up of the rate of genetic progress in beef herds. Read On
New leadership team for beef's sustainable future - 08/06/17
A NEW team to drive the implementation of the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework (ABSF) has been announced. Read On