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Why the marketplace isn't a viable plan for dairy - 22/03/19
Dairy farmers are feeling the bleeding edge of deregulation, agricultural globalisation and a corrupted export marketplace. Read On
Consumer perceptions of milk set to soar - 22/03/19
The $1 a litre milk discount campaign undervalued dairy farmers and the nutritional value of fresh milk in the supermarket. Read On
Dairy farmers demand IGA and Costco ditch $1 milk - 22/03/19
More pressure on retailers over $1/litre milk. Read On
Boost rural health to Close the Gap - 22/03/19
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Wodonga cancels store sale - 22/03/19
There was a last minute cancellation of the Wodonga store cattle market. Read On
Lamb processors at capacity, keeps market subdued - 21/03/19
The pressures of the season and high cost of feeding has kept the lamb market in its knees again this week. Read On
Sheep industry celebrates at CRC final conference - 21/03/19
Sheep industry celebrates 19 years of success at CRC final conference. Read On
Breeding the future terminal sire - 21/03/19
What will the terminal sire look like in 2039? Poll Dorset breeders take an in-depth look during the 2019 national conference. Read On
VFF confirms concern over Lempriere Grain - 22/03/19
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Farmer dies in tractor tragedy - 21/03/19
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Mobile black spots targeted - 21/03/19
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Free data farming taking off - 21/03/19
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United Nations adds fuel to 'war on meat' - 21/03/19
A call by the United Nations for a tax at retail level to reduce meat consumption will give animal activists a new weapon in their war on livestock farming. Read On
Rain sees EYCI rally to 441.25c - 20/03/19
The benchmark Eastern Young Cattle Indicator has rebounded to 441. Read On
VFF slam 'deplorable' animal activist decision - 20/03/19
The decision to give animal activists who trespassed onto a farm and stole livestock a slap on the wrist has been slammed by the VFF. Read On
Indian government investigates pulse collusion claims - 20/03/19
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Milk war surrender: Farmers cheering Coles, Aldi price rise - 20/03/19
Coles and Aldi's Tuesday night's surrender on $1 a litre milk is being celebrated across the dairy industry. Read On
Coles finally ends $1/litre milk price with 10c rise - 20/03/19
Coles milk price lifts 10c to $2. Read On
Anning to start Conservative Nationals - 20/03/19
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Floods may be last straw for many US MidWest farmers - 20/03/19
Ice chunks the size of small cars from nearby rivers have ploughed through barns and farm houses. Read On
Rain sees EYCI rally to 421c - 20/03/19
The benchmark Eastern Young Cattle Indicator has rebounded to 421c a kg on the back of useful rain in NSW and Queensland. Read On
AWI announces delay to conversations about governance - 19/03/19
Australian Wool Innovation has confirmed it is cancelling its proposed EGM and delaying conversations until later this year. Read On
Sugar code to stay - 19/03/19
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Reef regulations must be debated in regions - 20/03/19
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Fewer cyclones forecast this season - 19/03/19
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Ballarat prices correct as season unravels - 19/03/19
Ballarat prices "off-the-pace" but in line with recent adjustments. Read On
Scanned Wyche first-cross ewes make $263 - 18/03/19
Good result from a small crowd at Wycheproof. Read On
Beefy slate of events planned - 18/03/19
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Council restructure complete - 18/03/19
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Dunstan chaser bin keeps it on track - 18/03/19
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Uruguayan beef back in Japan after 19-year absence - 18/03/19
Uruguayan beef has gained re-entry into the Japanese market after a 19-year absence but MLA says Australia shouldn't get too worried. Read On
Cheaper but Tassie price bubble continues - 18/03/19
Although cheaper, Tasmanian cattle breeders are being well paid compared to their north island neighbors. Read On
Export markets key to lamb and sheep price behaviour - 17/03/19
The Stock Take: Mecardo's Angus Brown talks about the export and supply of Australian lamb. Read On
White Suffolk ewe sells for $5000 record - 16/03/19
The grand champion and champion White Suffolk ewe at the Wagin Woolorama has sold for an equal record Australian price for a White Suffolk ewe. Read On
US poised for liquidation - 16/03/19
The Stock Take: Mecardo's Matt Dalgleish crunches the numbers on the US cattle herd. Read On
No bull, Angus sire program celebrates 10th birthday - 16/03/19
The Angus Sire Benchmarking Program (ASBP) celebrates its 10th birthday with many more to come. Read On
Research delivers sheep industry boost - 15/03/19
The sheep industry is on the way to realising a boost in value by more than $121 million by 2029. Read On
'You're not going to like hearing it', farmer tells Barnaby what the dairy industry needs - 15/03/19
Mr Joyce commended Woolworths for their decision to raise the price of milk to $1. Read On
Indonesian mango madness - 15/03/19
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Ware resigns from Santa Association - 15/03/19
Stephen Ware is moving on from the Santa Gertrudis Breeders' (Australia) Association. Read On
World beef imports will keep growing over next decade: USDA - 15/03/19
Latest 10-year projections by the United States Department of Agriculture point to a steady increase in global appetite for beef. Read On
Jusak return yields grand champion title - 14/03/19
The Suffolk breed has long been a strong contender among the British and Australasian breeds at the Make Smoking History Wagin Woolorama and in 2019 it proved it is a force to be reckoned with, taking out the supreme interbreed champion exhibit. Read On
Rail crew camps a boost to economy - 14/03/19
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Penalty rates threat to seasonal work - 14/03/19
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Record cattle exports out of Darwin as Top End drought bites harder - 13/03/19
Record live cattle exports from Darwin into South-East Asia are providing a welcome market for beef producers in the Top End still anxiously waiting for a monsoonal rain break. Read On
A big shift taking place - 13/03/19
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Operation PFAS - 20/03/19
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Granite Belt grower group established" - 13/03/19
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George Pell sentenced to six years - 13/03/19
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Bob takes a trick in Defence land plan - 14/03/19
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UBET the elephant in the room - 13/03/19
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Quality stands the test at Benambra - 13/03/19
The superior genetics of the Benambra yarding saw buyers more receptive to competing. Read On
EYCI keeps sliding to 385.25c - 13/03/19
The benchmark Eastern Young Cattle Indicator has nosedived below the 400c barrier as drought continues to take its toll. Read On
China now Mr Big of beef imports - 13/03/19
China has eclipsed the United States as the world's leading beef importer, according to a new report. Read On
Research delivers $121 million sheep industry boost - 12/03/19
Thanks to the Sheep CRC's 12-year genomics research program the sheep industry is on the way to realising a boost in value of more than $121 million. Read On
Concerns for the endangered Julia Creek Dunnart following flood - 12/03/19
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New mental health tool for outback communities - 12/03/19
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Rural values up 43pc in Etheridge - 12/03/19
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Heavy haul for Wilmar's Pioneer Mill - 12/03/19
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The EYCI dives to 391.5c as drought stranglehold worsens - 12/03/19
The benchmark Eastern Young Cattle Indicator has nosedived below the 400c barrier as drought continues to take its toll. Read On
Electric fence works to deter wild dogs - 11/03/19
Electric fencing is stopping wild dogs from entering this property. Read On
Euroa: softer but seasonally satisfactory - 11/03/19
Euroa demand was softer but satisfactory given the conditions. Read On
Q fever risk high across rural Australia - 11/03/19
Newly published research indicates everybody living in rural Australia is at risk from Q fever infection. Read On
Ewe lambs top $121 at Woodanilling sale - 10/03/19
A crowd of Great Southerners descended on the Crosby family's property at Woodanilling recently for their clearing sale which included the final part of their Merino flock dispersal. Read On
EYCI nearing price support - 10/03/19
The Stock Take: Mecardo's Matt Dalgleish looks at the long-term trends for the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator. Read On
Records smashed for lamb exports in January - 09/03/19
The Stock Take: Mecardo's Olivia Agar analyses Australian lamb exports. Read On
Bright start for Tassie weaners - 09/03/19
Tasmanian steer weaners make 325 to 365c/kg in the season's opening sale. Read On
Could the flood reconstruction fund shrink bank lending to ag? - 08/03/19
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Drought opportunity: SunRice turns rice mill to stock feed plant - 08/03/19
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Monsoonal conditions may return - 08/03/19
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Fishermen stuck up a tree for two days - 08/03/19
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China exports bright spot as beef battles drought, higher yardings - 08/03/19
Beef sales to China almost eclipsed shipments to the United States in February as overall exports jumped to almost 95,000 tonnes. Read On
Major incentives for Merino section - 07/03/19
There has been a spike in exhibitor and sheep entries in the Merino section of the Make Smoking History Wagin Woolorama. Read On
Landmark promises few changes to successful Ruralco model - 07/03/19
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Cane history celebrated - 07/03/19
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Tropical fruit export opportunities - 07/03/19
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Checkout milk price key factor - 07/03/19
Removing $1 milk will help restore farmers financial confidence and also boost confidence in regional communities and small businesses. Read On
Triplet heifers one in 700,000 chance - 07/03/19
A highly productive Speckle Park stud female has given birth to not one, not two, but three healthy heifers. Read On
Te Mania Angus top at $42,000 to four state syndicate - 07/03/19
Te Mania Angus sold a total of 146 bulls to a top of $42,000 for an average of $7199. Read On
Two young recruits join the AWI flock - 06/03/19
A WA farmer has joined the Australian Wool Innovation graduate training program. Read On
ABARES forecasts falling milk price until 2024 - 06/03/19
Falling prices will continue to put pressure on the profitability of Australian dairy businesses in the first half of next decade. Read On
Growers welcome Indonesian sugar tariff cut - 06/03/19
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Cattle restocking under way in west - 11/03/19
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Crunch time looms for NT beef producers - 06/03/19
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Sheep producers will see good returns - 05/03/19
Sheep producers will continue to see strong returns for lambs, sheepmeat. Read On
Red meat growth into Asia - 05/03/19
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NT cotton growers tour southern Queensland - 05/03/19
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Reef rules risk another vegetation debacle: industry - 05/03/19
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Droughtmaster Australia president calls EGM over harassment claims - 05/03/19
Droughtmaster Australia to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting on March 30. Read On
Opinion: RMAC Green Paper 'out of touch' - 05/03/19
Opinion: PRA chair Joanne Rae says none of the options canvassed in the green paper will deliver for producers. Read On
Restock with Stockco - 04/03/19
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Sheep feeding pay-off depends on timely rain - 03/03/19
The Stock Take: Mecardo's Matt Dalgleishm analyses the cost of feeding sheep as farmers face uncertain weather forecast. Read On
Proactive message for Young Dairy group - 02/03/19
In any industry like dairy with exposure to external factors "plain sailing is a myth", young dairy members were told last week. Read On
Disaster for some provides support to the rest - 02/03/19
The Stock Take: Mecardo's Angus Brown looks at the impact of devastating floods in Queensland. Read On
WA's first abattoir in 35 years opens - 02/03/19
Southern Brook Abattoir, Hopeland (west of Serpentine), has been in operation for 11 weeks but held its official opening last week when the media was invited to tour the facility. Read On
Indigenous soldiers honoured in Israel - 20/03/19
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Big day at the Burdekin - 01/03/19
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Price rise suggests tight times - 01/03/19
A widespread price lift for all sheep and lamb categories suggest waning supply throughout the eastern states. Read On
Andrews Meat Industries cooks up deal with White Stripe - 01/03/19
Andrews Meats' distribution capabilities in overseas markets are set to expand following its investment in a specialist export supplier. Read On