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Big changes for RamSelect and ASKBILL - 24/06/19
The University of New England at Armidale, NSW, will take charge of the RamSelect and ASKBILL programs as Sheep CRC prepares for shutdown. Read On
SAMM-Dorper lambs take WAMMCO win - 24/06/19
There has been no loss of interest in prime lambs since Darrel and Diane Hudson of Yleena Farm, Dowerin, became the first WAMMCO Producers of the Month winners for their area. Read On
Yelvertoft rodeo thrills and spills - 24/06/19
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Sweet success in sugarcane breeding program - 24/06/19
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Heavy sheep slaughter to see flock numbers at a new low - 24/06/19
The Stock Take: Mecardo's Angus Brown crunches the numbers on the Australian flock size. Read On
Demand for beef continues, says MLA boss - 24/06/19
The newly-appointed Meat & Livestock Australia managing director Jason Strong told Hereford producers that global demand for beef continues to rise. Read On
Genomic testing a top priority for Hereford breed - 23/06/19
More Hereford herds and more animals need to be recorded in Breedplan to improve the accuracy of their estimated breeding values,. Read On
Australian grain-fed cattle at a premium to the US - 23/06/19
The Stock Take: Mecardo's Angus Brown compares the Australian and US beef markets. Read On
Record prices support strong feed demand - 22/06/19
Williams-based Macco Feeds has been struggling to keep up as livestock producers increased their demand for a quality feed product. Read On
Shearing industry association boosts its influence - 22/06/19
The past six months has been described as an interesting one for the WA shearing and wool industries. Read On
Hereford bulls boost profits in NSW herds - 22/06/19
Phil Holmes has urged beef producers to take a tougher approach to their on-farm decisions and management. Read On
Focus more on Hereford crossbreeding benefits - 22/06/19
American Hereford Association boss Jack Ward says promoting the benefits of using Herefords in a crossbreeding program had significantly increased demand in the US. Read On
All the faces from the Richmond races - 21/06/19
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Seifert Belmonts Reds to hold blockbuster July bull sale - 21/06/19
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China helps drive a spike in live cattle exports - 21/06/19
Exports of both feeder and breeder cattle out of Australia have surged in the first five months of this year. Read On
Work starts on sheep feed facility - 20/06/19
Construction underway on new facility to advance WA sheep meat research and development. Read On
Saleyard software firm Livestock Exchange sold to Armidale duo - 20/06/19
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Friends prevail at Hell's Gate - 20/06/19
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Power pod fueling north-west farmer - 20/06/19
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Processor churn: before you make the move - 20/06/19
Dairy farmers are moving their milk from one processor to another. Read On
Restockers boost Gracemere - 20/06/19
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Numbers show dairy distress - 19/06/19
Depending which way you look at the numbers, confidence among Australian dairy farmers has either turned the corner or is at an all-time low. Read On
$5 million cop out: Palaszczuk reneges on prickly acacia control - 19/06/19
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CQ inland port construction well underway - 21/06/19
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Maroons claim bull riding honours - 19/06/19
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Lamb industry faces market juggling act - 18/06/19
The drought and soaring demand for Australian lamb means the industry will target the best-value markets with its reduced supply of product. Read On
Malcolm Turnbull to list East Rossgole - 18/06/19
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Steel rails from WA on way to Cloncurry to help out flood reconstruction - 18/06/19
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Malcom Harris buys Ucharonidge - 18/06/19
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Brazil beef back into China after BSE scare - 18/06/19
Brazilian beef has regained access to the red-hot China market after a temporary ban caused by the discovery of an atypical case of BSE. Read On
New focus for Mareeba Stock Squad - 17/06/19
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Mutilated cattle work of aliens? - 17/06/19
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Cattleman's Dinner gets Cloncurry Show off to great start - 17/06/19
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Richmond Field Days kicks off - 21/06/19
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Increase in the flock remains a hostage to rainfall - 16/06/19
The Stock Take: Mecardo's Andrew Woods writes about Australia's flock projections. Read On
Herd liquidation pace continues to escalate - 15/06/19
The Stock Take: Mecardo's Angus Brown writes about female cattle slaughter levels. Read On
LNP crisis in North Queensland - 14/06/19
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Field of dreams as Mareeba celebrates - 24/06/19
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Milk recalled over contamination fears - 14/06/19
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Growers unite for gala dinner | Photos - 14/06/19
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All eyes on market reaction following US GM wheat outbreak - 14/06/19
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Beef industry continues to slaughter its future, thanks to drought - 14/06/19
Latest MLA data confirm the record rate of slaughter among Australia's cattle breeding herd at a time when exportr are booming. Read On
Mulesing pain relief pressure grows | Video - 13/06/19
Pressure is mounting to adopt mandatory pain relief for sheep subject to mulesing. Read On
Toomby trainers give youngsters a go - 13/06/19
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Townsville floods: in photos - 21/06/19
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Saputo opens at $6.80 - 13/06/19
Saputo has announced an opening milk price of $6. Read On
Change to 2,4-D usage rules - 13/06/19
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Are fake meat company's shares selling at a price beyond belief? - 13/06/19
Beyond Meat's share price soars after the company's float on the Nasdaq in the United States. Read On
Full steam ahead for live export conference in Townsville - 13/06/19
Townsville will host a major national conference on the livestock export trade at the end of next October. Read On
Lamb fights for market share - 12/06/19
Domestic lamb consumption rates will be just one of the hot topics at Lambition 2019 in Bendigo on July 20. Read On
Top chef plates the best for Lambition - 12/06/19
Meat & Livestock Australia corporate chef Sam Burke will attempt to outdo his amazing menu from Lambition 2018 at the 2019 event on July 20. Read On
Prickly acacia funding goes missing - 12/06/19
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Varied weather issues affect Far North Qld - 12/06/19
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Event holds a bigger purpose - 12/06/19
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Sydney University research teams tackling the heavy cost of BRD in feedlots - 12/06/19
Research teams from Sydney University have made significant strides towards helping cattle feedlots counter the impact of bovine respiratory disease (BRD). Read On
Beef cattle leaders feature in Queen's Birthday Honours list - 12/06/19
Leading beef cattle industry people have featured in this year's Queen's Birthday Honours List. Read On
Prime SAMM lambs up and running - 11/06/19
Graydon Bond has been in Quairading for his entire life, on the family farm settled by his great-grandfather, but the Prime SAMMs have only been in the picture for a decade. Read On
First week of parliament looms large for rural policies - 12/06/19
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Young auctioneers head to school - 11/06/19
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North west diggers need to dial - 11/06/19
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Good management reduces cattle stress - 11/06/19
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'Offal' good money in beef by-products - 11/06/19
Australia's top beef cuts are in keen demand around the world but so are many edible offal products like tripe and tongue. Read On
China challenging the US as our second biggest export beef market - 11/06/19
China continues to snap up Australian beef as our cattle slaughter rate hits four-year highs on the back of relentless drought. Read On
Livestock carrier looks east for work - 10/06/19
Changes to the live export industry are impacting on rural businesses with one transporter looking to move east for more opportunities. Read On
Rocky a knockout at Gold City | Photos - 10/06/19
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Schmidt named Towers mayor - 10/06/19
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Herbert River sugar harvest sails - 10/06/19
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ICPA conference day one - 10/06/19
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Export sales should see lamb prices hit new records - 10/06/19
The Stock Take: Mecardo's Angus Brown writes about export lamb prices. Read On
Garnett appointed as youth ambassador - 09/06/19
A WA sheep breeder has being appointed as one of two youth ambassadors by WoolProducers Australia. Read On
Record mutton price a surprise for Wests - 08/06/19
Setting the State record price for mutton came as a surprise for a Dumbleyung farming family. Read On
Livestock taking 'whole of industry' approach to animal activists - 08/06/19
A whole-of-industry response is being organised to tackle the problems and stress being caused by radical animal activists. Read On
Plant-based hamburgers are 'junk food' says marketer of premium brand beef - 08/06/19
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Wham, bam, thank you lamb - 07/06/19
Record sheep prices in WA are the talk of the industry at the moment with lambs hitting $260 at Muchea last week. Read On
CPC seeks Queensland's long paddock - 07/06/19
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Combanning sold at auction - 07/06/19
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DataFarming: On a mission to remove barriers to precision agriculture - 07/06/19
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Live export revival - 07/06/19
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SunRice boss says orchards eroding irrigation sustainability - 07/06/19
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Beef is going green - 07/06/19
The 2019 update of the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework shows big gains in environmental and animal welfare standards. Read On
How to keep lamb soaring to new highs - 06/06/19
Industry leaders say lamb producers shouldn't take their foot of the reform pedal despite record sheepmeat prices. Read On
Lamb record rolled again - 06/06/19
The WA record price for lambs has been broken again with a line of Prime SAMM ram lambs selling for $289 at Katanning. Read On
Forward contract lamb sale on again - 06/06/19
Elders Forward Contract Lamb Sale on again in August. Read On
Grand designs for MSF - 06/06/19
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Bioenergy blow for Ingham - 06/06/19
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China tightens formula rules - 06/06/19
China has tightened rules for the sale of overseas infant formula into the country and set a target to be 60 per cent self-sufficiency in three years. Read On
Towering turbine installed - 06/06/19
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Blockchain: new way to trade - 06/06/19
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TFI announces 'world-class' abattoir rebuild - 06/06/19
Nearly 18 months after the severe blaze at Thomas Foods International's Murray Bridge abattoir the family-owned company has announced it will build a new state of the art, multi-species abattoir. Read On
Vegan attack: Activist vandalises Brisbane butcher shop - 06/06/19
The meat industry says it is fed up after yet more illegal vegan activism, this time targeting a Brisbane butcher shop. Read On
Neogen to take CRC's lead on sheep DNA testing - 05/06/19
Business as usual for sheep breeders ordering DNA in the new financial year. Read On
Regional Queensland monopoly a cash cow - 05/06/19
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Argentinian dairy sets the pace - 06/06/19
An innovative shedded dairy system is proving a winner for the Chiavassa family in Argentina. Read On
Fat slide hits global market - 05/06/19
Big falls in cheese and butter prices saw the Global Dairy Trade price index to fall 3. Read On
Flood and drought working hand in hand in restock plan - 05/06/19
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Coles goes direct to farmers to buy house brand milk - 05/06/19
Coles is looking for farmers to supply milk direct to its discount house brand lines. Read On
QDO advocacy turns focus on consumers - 05/06/19
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EYCI bounces to 487.25c despite ongoing herd liquidation - 05/06/19
Asia is now taking 75 per cent of Australia's beef exports as China's pork crisis because of African swine flu worsens. Read On
China shuts door on Brazil beef imports after BSE disease scare - 05/06/19
An atypical case of BSE disease in Brazil has triggered a ban on imports into the key Chinese market. Read On